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Reality Starts or Ends

Seeing how Sunday is a slow day traffic wise anyways I might as well play around with some of the more abstract stuff I shoot at times.

This image was shot at Brookside Gardens. The ripples were caused by a fish or turtle in the water and I just happened to have the camera pointed in that direction. So I fired off some shots with my Nikon D810. I knew it was going to be very abstract due to the reflections in the water along with a bit of real foliage as well. I debated on flipping it but I think it works better this way.

Since this was edited about 5 days ago I’m not 100% sure all that was done. I remember there was a lot of dodging and burning to bring out the reflections. It’s the only way you can add or reduce local contrast without changing the entire image. I think I also slapped in a gradient and used the dehaze and clarity tool as well just to give the image a bit more punch.


Reality Starts & Ends

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I love the adventures you take to gather such great photos. I do like the reflection caused by the sun in the water. Brookside Park is a very nice place to visit and I am glad you have shared with us your adventure there.

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