Two Paths

As you read this I’ll be on a plane waiting to head to Portland, Oregon for the next few days then I head off to Mexico for a few more days before flying home. I have done a lot of pre-editing to stay somewhat ahead of schedule before I go to Mexico since that will be for personal versus my Portland trip which will be for work. I am planning on shooting while in Portland rain or shine. Taking my A7R along with my 24-240, 15mm, and 19-35mm. I’ll have some smaller compacts as well but the A7R is my “travel” rig because it’s lighter than the Nikon D810 and its lenses.

I shot these at Brookside Gardens. They were supposed to be with the tranquil path photo I published earlier but I liked that one as a standalone image better. So these two get their own post. Plus the feeling for these two images is different anyways.

Honestly, I have no idea how I edited these. I know no filters were used and all of it was done in Photoshop.


Peaceful PathThe Path Up

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  1. Brookside Gardens is a very nice park. I would have liked to have gone there. Of the two paths, I would have chosen the first. A Gazebo is waiting for me. I love Gazebos and have always wanted one in my yard. I have sat in many and enjoyed every moment. I love the artistic people of the world. They enjoy making ordinary things a work of art. Gardens, Gazebos, just to name two. We have many treasures to enjoy and the photographer brings them to use each day to enjoy. Thank you.