Flotsam & Jetsam

Flotsam & Jetsam

Got a bit bored with the landscape stuff so I needed a change of pace and these two images fit the bill. I am guessing I took these at low tide which is why I could see at much stuff as I did so I just aimed the camera towards the various bits and pieces that are on the shower when the water is low.

I knew when I took these images they were going to be monochrome. I know it’s weird saying that┬ábecause you are looking at something in color but you shoot for light and shadows. I also knew that the monochrome conversion would really bring out the details and that is what these images.

Interesting fact is I edited these photos in colors. I then brought them into Photoshop and added a low key tone curve. Then when I used Tonality CK to do the monochrome conversion it shifted more towards high key and I got the effect I was looking for. Then it was dodge and burn time to get the light where I wanted it in the image. There is a slight difference between the version here and the full resolution is that there is a two stage sharpening applied to get the image to bite a bit more.

Full resolution #1.

Full resolution #2.



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  1. I liked the photos. I think the monochrome brought out the detail in these photos! The “wood” pieces, to me, I am sure they have been there for some time and the elements have taken a toll on them. Some of these logs appear to have been cut for fire wood and then there is the broken wood that was part of someone’s creation. The water took them all and then spit them onto the shore so that we all could see. I liked!

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