Electric Skies

Electric Skies

I get that these two images aren’t going to be to everyone’s tastes but I liked them. I was watching the storms roll in and out through my balcony door and I saw the sun on the light and transformer looking things and grabbed my camera and took a couple shots. When the light shifted again I grabbed some more shots and one of the sky with the blue peeking through.┬áThe images look different and not with the same light because the storm was moving the clouds fast and the light was shifting constantly. I used my Nikon D810 and my 24-105 to take the images.

Not much going on editing wise. I just went with my usual edits. One of the things I did was spot meter so I could expose for the highlights giving me a lot of latitude with the shadows. So very slight tone curve adjustments and a bit of color correction to give the images warmer or cooler depending on how I remember them when I shot them.

Full resolution #1.
Full resolution #2.


High VoltageHole In The Sky

One thought on “Electric Skies

  1. I like the photos. You have ESP. The electric pole not exactly like this one, but the pole that brings the electric and cable to my neighbors house and our Florida home. I was out and returned to find 3 huge trucks were in and around the drive way. Long story but electric company is replacing some of the poles for Hurricane season. They said it was one that needed to be replaced. Also got a new meter. They want to make sure they get their pennies worth. Actually the old one was under powered and was dangerous because of the new additions I have added to the house. Inspector should have said something. So now we are safe!
    I love to watch the sky when storms are coming in. I think the best spot to watch the clouds is on an air plane. They are so different looking at that altitude. I enjoyed the photos as much as many of my very favorites.

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