The Verticals

The Verticals

These were all shot at the National Portrait Gallery in Washington DC. Two images are from different vantage points in this giant art deco type hallway area. One side does pop culture and the other sport. There are two levels and I opted to shoot from the upper half looking back towards the other. The final shot is from the Kogod Courtyard in the middle where there are lots of events held.

I played with these images based on my whim. I did the standard curves and dodge and burn but then started applying filters and masks until I went happy. I used lots of different programs to achieve the look. Am I completely satisfied with these images? No. I would like to go back but there comes a point where you go enough and just hit save because the urge to start over is just too strong and I wasn’t sure if I would really improve on what I did.

Full resolution #1
Full resolution #2
Full resolution #3


The VerticalsThe VerticalsThe Verticals

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  1. Like the photos. The National Portrait Gallery of Art is very beautiful. It is truly a huge building. The architecture is Greek Revival architecture.. The National Portrait Gallery shares this magnificent National Historic Landmark Building with the Smithsonian American Art Museum. It is one of Washington’s oldest public buildings. Begun in 1836 to house the U.S. Patent Office, it is also among the nation’s finest examples of Greek Revival architecture. A recent renovation restored its most dramatic architectural features, including skylights, a curving double staircase, porticos, and vaulted galleries illuminated by natural light. Very nice photos. I enjoyed.

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