Spiraling Up

Spiraling Up

I shot these two images at the National Portrait Gallery. No real idea why but I liked the spiral staircases. Most people tend to shoot them downwards but I went with shooting up. I like to be different!

I went with monochrome for these because it just felt right. It gives the images a bit of mystery. Some of it I left completely black and other bits I dodged to bring out some details. It lets your mind fill in the details instead of just having them there.

I used Tonality CK for the conversion to monochrome and went with some contrast preset and started to play with the sliders until they felt right. Then brought it back into Photoshop for the dodging portion until I felt things were done.


PS – For those of you that look for the full resolution it might be later as I am attending a Megadeth concert and I preloaded all this. I have been getting up early to work out but with the concert I will likely be later getting up so the full resolutions will be available later.

Full resolution #1.

Full resolution #2.

_DSC4704-ICSpiraling Up

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  1. I like the spiraling staircase. I am surprised they have these steps in the Portrait Gallery. They are narrow steps. Most people would find them troubling. I guess the elevator is used more. I wanted the spiral steps at our house in WV. We had a lower and upper deck. I wanted the spiral steps to take up less space and I think they are a work of art. I got voted down by the contract. To slippery. The steps look as if they are metal railings and cement steps, instead of all metal. It is a neat photo and I enjoyed.

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