Drips and Drops

Drips and Drops

It’s been raining here in the Washington DC area the last few days. The usual thunderstorms as the weather tries to figure out what the hell it wants to do. Since I walk to and from work and have a camera I figured why not shoot some of the drops I see when I am walking in. Plus it gives me an excuse of not to rush in and sit in my office for a bit longer.

All these images were shot yesterday with my Sony RX100M3. I put the camera in macro mode and went at it. The annoying thing about the RX100M3 is you have to shift to scene mode then select macro. It’s not intuitive at all. I guess that’s why they market it as a photo enthusiast’s compact because you will be enthusiastically cursing the damn thing as you try and find macro mode.

Nothing fancy on the edits other than I was all over the place crop wise. I figured what the hell, make it interesting. Pumped a lot of contrast into them because plants just look better with them. Then some subtle dodging and burning and calling it done.

Here is the generic link to the full resolution. Too many to do individually.


PS – The last one has no water. I just threw it in because it was there.



One thought on “Drips and Drops

  1. The Flower Power is great! These are some of my favorite flowers. Not sure whether the read flower is a impatient or roses. The rain has taken its toll on them. I especially like the Pansy. Florida has them in the Winter time. They like cool weather and I have even had them survive in WV under light snow. The heat here in SW Florida just destroys them. The only flower that is dry is the Iris. We can grow simple Iris in SW Florida. I especially loved the Bearded Iris. They are most beautiful.
    I not only enjoyed the blog today but I receive a beautiful arrangement of Pale Pink roses, Lilies, Baby Breath and greens in a beautiful lavender vase. They were for “The MOM” and they were from the creature of this Blog, my son!

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