Tulips Anyone?

Tulips Anyone?

I had a request for some flowers so I figured why not get out and shoot some while the weather was reasonable. Little did I know I would venture out to a large regional park that was celebrating an extended Earth Day. The hippie drumming circle was only mildly annoying. I did think of South Park and how to save the town they had to play Slayer to get rid of the hippie infestation. It was tempting considering I have Slayer’s Repentless album on my phone. What put me over the edge was the acoustic duo that were playing Earth Day songs. I did hear them say they were going to do a song called Sweet Beet and I was getting excited thinking it might be a Earth Day version of Black Sabbath’s Sweet Leaf (figure that one out). Sadly it wasn’t. It was then I started to pack up the gear.

For inquiring minds on where I encountered all this Earth Day goodness and hippies I was at Brookside Gardens in Silver Spring, Maryland. I had never been there before and it’s my new local park. I would shoot before at Meadowlark Gardens in Fairfax, Virginia. I think without the Earth Day stuff it would not have been bad and I did get a lot of good shots. I will likely be back when it quieter.

I took the Nikon D810 out with the Sigma 24-105 Art out. I also had the Nikon 70-200 2.8 (I thought it was a 4.0 so go me!) and a 50mm 1.8. I kept the 24-105 on the entire time and was very pleased with how it performed. As for the the camera itself there is a huge learning curve on it but the more I use it the more I am happy I bought it. The resolution on these images is amazing. I won’t even talk about the dynamic range on it either. I am just very pleased with what I have produced with it so far. Once I link to the high resolution of these images I strongly recommend looking at them.

Full resolution 1.
Full resolution 2.
Full resolution 3.
Full resolution 4.
Full resolution 5.


Tulips Anyone?Tulips Anyone?Tulips Anyone?Tulips Anyone?Tulips Anyone?

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  1. I love the flower power! I would have enjoyed the celebration for Earth Day. Mother Earth is very important. I hope you visit this park often because the schedule for each month of new flowers would offer you lots of flower photos for all of us to enjoy! The tulips are very pretty. I do miss them in my garden. Florida’s heat does not allow the bulb to sleep in the cold. We do not know that word, cold. I enjoyed!

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