Monument Rising

Might have a couple more shots left for this stuff but this may be the last image from that shoot. I have a backlog of new stuff to go through and with the various bits and bobs I shoot on my meanderings that I engage in.

I have actually shot the Washington Monument before at nearly identical spot. At the time I had no native Sony FE lenses and was using some adapted Minolta glass that I sold. This one was shot on the lovely Sony FE 24-240 lens that I really like as a one size fits all type of lens.

Not much going on editing wise. I played with a few things that I have never really done before but they didn’t make it into the final edit. I did give content aware fill on Photoshop a whirl. Looked great until I blew it up to 100% and realized that the flag poles weren’t even remotely lined up. So that go scraped. So I had to manually get the image straight which I admittedly struggle with. So I hope its close enough.

Full resolution here.


Monument Rising

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  1. You take such nice photos. Almost as good as being there. If you could only bring the lovely fragrant of the flowers with the photos that would be great. I have enjoyed your flower power shots. Have been so busy with work, I finally stopped to “see” the flowers. I look forward to your next series.