Blossoms on Branches

Think I’ll be wrapping up the various Cherry Blossom stuff with a few more images. There aren’t many left and I have a backlog of newer stuff that I have shot that I need to move on to.

This was not an easy shot to get regardless of how it looks. The issue was the wind and at the time I didn’t think to just increase the shutter speed to freeze it. So live nad learn. I was freezing by this point with my fingers numb so I was more concerned with getting warm then getting a shot.

Nothing much going on here. Just a couple of curves to get the light right and a bit of a dodge and burn for effect.

Full resolution.


Blossoms on Branches


  1. The Cherry Tree Blossoms are very pretty this year. Would love to see them in person but these are great shots that I can enjoy. Thanks for the pretty Cherry Tree Blossoms