Silent Canons

This shot comes form the Manassas Battlefield. This is only half the canon that was in this particular row and I don’t know how historically accurate their placement is but they were on a slight rise so strategically speaking it would have been a position to fire down on enemy troops. While I wasn’t intimidated walking up to them it would not be something that as an average soldier I would have wanted to attack. While canon themselves weren’t accurate back then they were lethal when loaded with shot which was small ball bearings designed to just take out a swatch of soldiers walking in format. The Civil War was the first modern war that showed how good we humans are at killing each other.

The photo itself mostly edited in Tonality CK. Once I had my basic edits I brought it into Tonality for the monochrome conversion. I find myself using it more because it gives you much more granular control over the conversion than Nik Silver Efex. Granted, Silver Efex is free so you can’t knock it and it served me well over the years but I lean towards Tonality now. Once I had the conversion I did a bit of dodging and burning and said enough.

Full resolution here.


Silent Canons