Tip Toe Through The Tulips

Tip Toe Through The Tulips

I was out and about in the unseasonably cold weather the DC area is experiencing. Nothing says fun like getting smacked in the face with freezing rain as you walk home to make you feel alive.

Still I managed to stop and take a few shots of some tulips that somehow have lived through the freezing temperatures that have hit the area. I had a much better camera with me but I was too lazy to dig it out of my bag so instead I grabbed my Olympus TG-4 which is a “tough” camera and I figured it could handle the abuse. Granted the other camera and lenses are weather sealed but I think I mentioned the word lazy.

The one thing about the Olympus TG-4 is that its a 2/3″ sensor so pushing the processing envelope isn’t going to happen because the file isn’t going to handle it. So you more or less leave it alone with some minor tweaks out of the camera. None of these images were overly processed and I tossed more than I kept simply because of the camera itself and the sensor limitations. Still, I got some keepers so I’m happy.

Full resolution image one.

Full resolution image two.

Full resolution image three.

Full resolution image four.


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  1. What a nice present for a Monday Morning. I love the Tulips. Tulips can not tolerate the heat of SW Florida. I can not grow them. I see why these Tulips can stand the cold; they are next to the buildings and they are in heavy pots. Still not great but helpful. Flower power is much appreciate! Stay warm.

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