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Rolling Field

No idea why I picked the title. The field was rolling but I cropped a good chunk of it out. It is Manassas Battlefield and I just liked the symmetry of the wood pile, the still naked tree, and the tree starting to bloom. I was originally going to do the image in monochrome but I left it in color and happy I did. Came out decently.

I wanted to keep a washed out feeling to the image to match the light. It felt better that way. So I didn’t add that much contrast in when I did the tone curve adjustment. Then I spent a bit of time doing the dodge and burn thing to give the image a bit of depth since it is a two dimensional image.

Full resolution available here. Speaking of the full resolution I don’t upload till the morning and then link it because I can’t schedule Flickr times for images to go live.



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I like the photo. At Manassas Battlefield there is a battle going on. The bush appears to have gotten a taste of spring but the tree and the grass still are in the grips of winter. Not much change on them. The sky, is always showing off how beautiful it is. Very nice.

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