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Hill Side Living

I had to travel to another office in Virginia so on my way back to Maryland I figured why not stop at one of the overlooks on the George Washington Parkway and snap a few pictures since I had my Sony RX100M3 with me. I snapped a few different shots so I might show them later but I liked this one at first glance. I liked the colors of the flowers down near the river and then the trees leading towards Georgetown which is the buildings you see between the trees.

Nothing overly fancy here editing wise. Just a straight up tone curves adjustment and the dodging and burning to get the tones I wanted. The one thing I had to do was use the clone stamp to get rid of some of the branches that were in the frame. While I was using the RX100M3 which has a 70mm lens I did have the Canon S100 with me which has a 100mm. A bit more reach would have been nice but I knew the 2/3″ sensor would not do the image justice like the 1″ sensor in the Sony. So the clone stamp got a workout.

Link to the full resolution.



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I like your photo. I must say, I was looking for those flowers by the river but did not see them. The trees are starting to bud out. The most interesting area in the photo to me, what appears to me, a small village hidden in the hills. Still it must be a nice place to live in a Metropolitan area surrounds by nature. I enjoyed.

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