Good Morning Mr. Jefferson

Good Morning Mr. Jefferson

So I was at the Washington DC Tidal Basin to shoot the cherry blossoms this past Saturday. Since I got there at ass o’clock in the morning I had some time to kill before the sun was up so I figured why not get some cool shoots of the Jefferson Memorial since I was looking at it. Seemed the proper thing to do and all.

This was the second outing with my Sony 24-240mm lens and I’m in love with it. As someone who is lazy as hell about changing lenses I was able to shoot all those focal lengths on one piece of glass. I’m sure someone is screaming its not pro-grade but its a $1000 piece of glass and it lives on a tripod and used for landscape and travel work. I think its fantastic! I will admit that I do have a Voigtlander 15mm for those times that 24mm isn’t wide enough. Just waiting for it since I got it on pre-order.

Little side note about this adventure. I badly misjudged the weather and it was cold. I didn’t bring my photography gloves and my hands were numb by the time I wrapped up the 3 hours of shooting. They were so bad it took me forever to pack my gear to throw in my car because my fingers weren’t cooperating with me.

Final thing. On stuff that I think it worthy going forward I’ll upload the full size image to my Flickr account. These will not be watermarked but I do hold the copyright on the image.┬áSo if you want a full size image for your desktop or something like that than have at it. If you want a print or something else then contact me. If you want to pixel peep then email because it will care more then you telling me my sensor is crap or something equally useless. However, constructive criticism is accepted and appreciated. My ego isn’t so big that I know I am flawless. Photography is subjective to some extent and what works for me may not work for you. There are some great photographers out there that I just look at and go meh on some stuff. It doesn’t resonate with me. Doesn’t mean its bad. Just doesn’t work for me.


Here is the link to the full sized.


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  1. I am glad you stopped and said good morning to Mr. Jefferson. It is a very nice photo. When I enlarge the photo it gives such detail it is almost as if you are standing in front of it. I am not a camera buff but I am a fan of quality photography and this is one of your quality photos. I enjoyed.

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