Signs of Renewal

Its Spring finally in the Washington DC area! That means the frigid subarctic temperatures are finally banished! Least thats the story I am going with. I have had to turn on aircon on since early March. So since I walk to work now I usually have a camera or two with me. In this case I had my Sony RX100M3 and the Canon S100. When I needed a longer reach I used the S100 since it can zoom to 100mm. I get better images out of the Sony but the Canon is very usable.

Some of these images are a bit abstract. Just depended on my mood when I was shooting. Did the usual post processing and called it a day. After the marathon slog with the Prague edits I needed something easy.


DSC05555 DSC05559 DSC05565 DSC05579 IMG_0886 DSC05591 IMG_0882 IMG_0885

One thought on “Signs of Renewal”

  1. Spring, so beautiful. The awaking of the trees, grass, flowers, bugs, etc. It is a most beautiful time of the year. I miss seeing the budding of the bare trees up north. I do not see the change in seasons so dramatic in the south. Our trees seem to stand still in the winter months and then in spring, the blossoms start to color the trees in beautiful bold colors. The grass starts to look green and gets ready for a mowing. I do love the season of Spring.

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