Capitol Dome

Capitol Dome

I found image of the Capitol Dome while I was looking for the Prague Castle images I knew I had. It’s shot from 2011 when I was first switching to RAW and considering photography as something more than taking vacation shots. In retrospect I should have stuck with vacation shots because I would be thousands richer for it.

My buddy and I did an early morning shoot around the US Capitol and I arrived a bit earlier than him so I had time to do some shooting on my own. Back then the concept of a tripod was alien to me nor did I fully understand ISO and shutter speed other than high ISO bad. Shutter speed was just some weird number. My buddy kept telling me about some triangle theory for shutter speed, focal length, and aperture. I nodded blankly and moved on. Sounded like math to me. If you want me to check out quickly start talking math and I’ll zone on you.

With that said this image had a crap ton (recognized unit of measurement) of camera shake. Reading the EXIF which was ISO 1600, F/4, and 1/25 shutter speed on either a 50mm 1.8 or 1.4 (don’t remember) I can see why. I should have opened the aperture wide to increase the shutter speed. ISO on the Canon XSi wasn’t going to go much above 1600 anyways.

So while I was playing with the Prague images I accidentally hit the wrong filter when I went to sharpen and saw Camera Shake Reduction in the Sharpen filters. Seemed interesting and I knew the perfect image to play with. I realize that this isn’t perfect but it does make saving images that have shake in them possible. It took a bit of playing and I think once I use it more when I need it I will be a bit better at it.

If you have an image with camera shake then do check out the filter in Photoshop. I use Photoshop CC so no idea when it appeared as I never really bothered with it much before.




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  1. That is a very nice photo of the capitol dome. Architecture of times pass, have such charm. I enjoyed.

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