Prague Reimaged – Part 3

Prague Reimaged – Part 3

Well I can now say that there will be 4 parts to this series. It has been a massive undertaking with over 80 images published. Provided I didn’t screw up the count there will be 20 images today and another 20 tomorrow. This batch took me much longer because I had to find an entire missing series of photos which will be tomorrows. While this may get a bit repetitive I can tell you part 4 seems to be when I got vaguely interested in Prague or I enjoyed the view from Prague Castle. Either way they are good.

I am not a 365 project type of photographer. I think by the end you feel forced into shooting stuff and you just check out. What I can tell anyone is that if you want to get better go ahead and post-process 365 days a year or near enough to it. Trust me, your editing skills will improve vastly. I would also say check out Lightroom and Photoshop vidoes/classes/osmosis whatever works for you to learn the little tips and tricks to make editing something you don’t mind doing instead of dumping the memory cards and looking away.

While I can say that these images aren’t perfect or stellar by any stretch of the imagination they are about a 100 times better than when I started with them and I’m doing 2 or 3 minute edits per image. Nothing more. It takes me longer to select the image than to edit them.

Enjoy Prague part 3 and wait for part 4 because it will be worth it.

IMG_7681 IMG_7690 IMG_7666 IMG_8202 IMG_8218 IMG_8239 IMG_8243 IMG_8248 IMG_8251 IMG_8275 IMG_8298 IMG_8270 IMG_8314 IMG_8320 IMG_8321 IMG_8349 IMG_8392 IMG_8398 IMG_8401 IMG_8409

3 thoughts on “Prague Reimaged – Part 3

  1. I have really enjoyed the photos of Prague. I would have liked to know what some of the buildings were. The building with the horse back rider, I would like to know. Prague would be a very nice place to visit.

  2. Nice to see Prague again 😉 visited 3-4 times and love this city !!! Where do u learn photoshop ? I recommend digital camera magazine they have great tips for beginners and more advanced photographers 🙂

    1. Wasn’t a fan of Prague but I can say I went.

      I got into Photoshop to resize images only. I would then Google search stuff I needed to do. I really got into Photoshop via Ming Thein’s Photoshop Workflow I & II classes. Not cheap in the grand scheme of things but well worth it.

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