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Details in Abstract – Part 2

Final upload of the plant stuff then moving on to other things.

I am on travel this week so I did all the processing ahead of time. I am hoping to get out and do some shooting this week of where I am at to test out my new lens but its hard to say. If I miss a day because I haven’t had time to process images or shoot then please understand I am busy. Travel for work is not glamorous or leisure. They sadly expect you to do things.


Details in AbstractDetails in AbstractDetails in AbstractDetails in AbstractDetails in AbstractDetails in Abstract

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I did not know the photographer was on travel this week? I do like his photos because they reflect another side of the flower no one thinks about. We just fall in love with a flower, if it suits us. They are super photos. They reflect so much. Just like what the sun does for shadows, close up and in black and white brings another way to appreciate mother nature’s finest!

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