Typical Vegas Night

I don’t know why I like this image. I just do. It’s far from perfect in any sense of the word. Still, its one that I have thought of for some time and I wanted to edit it. I have attempted it before but never published it but this time I am going ahead with it.

This was shot at the Bellagio which is obvious from the hotel in the background. I like the people in it. You got the guy looking at me. The busker talking to the other guys. You got tourists looking at the view. There is a lot going on and a lot to take in. It really is a typical Vegas night. Doesn’t matter what day of the week either. This goes on all the time. It really is a snapshot of Vegas.

Nothing overly fancy editing wise. 16×9 crop to hide the fact that the 12-24 lens was for a crop sensor so I had to remove the dark rings. Used Intensify to pop some of the hotel out and a few other details I wanted. Then dodged and burned to get attention focused where I wanted. In all a fairly simple edit.


Typical Vegas Night