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Good Bye Costa Rica

I shot all these from Juan Santamaría Airport on my way home from Costa Rica. Some were shot from the lounge and others the gate area. I just really liked the mountains in the background for most of the shots.

One tip when shooting through glass is that the dehaze tool is your friend! It will quickly add contrast back into the image that you lose because you are shooting through glass. You are still going to lose detail and pickup weird stuff because its glass and an extra layer for the sensor to deal with but you can still get usable images out of it.


Good Bye From Costa RicaGood Bye From Costa RicaGood Bye From Costa RicaGood Bye From Costa RicaGood Bye From Costa Rica

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I like the shots. Never really focused on the mountains in the distance. I would presume that these are where our travels took us when my husband and I visited some years ago. We were fascinated with the growing fields on these mountains. The countryside is very beautiful. We loved the Rain Forest and the puffing volcano. Great adventure. Great Guide that showed us so much.

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