Thai Rising – Part 2

Thai Rising – Part 2

Wrapping up the Thai buildings today. These were all shot on my A7R except for the first one and were originally shot for HDR but I when it came time to post processing I just opted for a more normal edit. It went with the rest of the series.

I am heading home today back to the East Coast of the US. Costa Rica had been fun and its been a cool little trip. Home for awhile then off to Portland, Oregon for a week then going to another Latin American country for a long weekend trip.

While I didn’t plan on shooting much here in Costa Rica I did take a few snaps. Once I dump them into Lightroom will see how they came out.


PS – Happy Leap Year! It’s the 29th of February!

Thai RisingThai RisingThai RisingThai RisingThai Rising

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