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Thai Rising – Part 1

Since I am in Costa Rica and not the biggest fan on editing off a 13″ Macbook screen I have pre-edited all the images. I’m going to split these up into two posts then return with more flowers for Tuesday.

I personally like tall buildings. Don’t know why but I do. There isn’t anything overly special about Thai buildings. Some have a bit of an Asian feel to them but for the most part are typical resort style hotels and condos.

The interesting note on these images are the fact that 3 different cameras were used. My Olympus EM1, Sony A7R, Sony RX100. I can tell them apart just by looking at them but I doubt the average non-photographer could.


Thai RisingThai RisingThai RisingThai RisingThai RisingThai Rising

4 replies on “Thai Rising – Part 1”

I am glad one of us likes tall buildings! It is hard to believe that Thailand has such modern buildings. I have seen so many Buddha oriental temples and the street carts that sell breakfast, lunch and dinner to the working person and any tourist that wants to eat from the carts. It is a clash of the modern cold tall buildings versus traditional Thailand . I like traditional Thailand with maybe one exception. It may be more comfy to stay in the cold tall building hotels while visiting Thailand.

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