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Ground Control

These images were shot in Incheon, South Korea when I was laying over on my way to Thailand last year. I figured why not share them now as I flew a couple days ago and sitting in Costa Rica as I type this up.

Nothing overly fancy here with the editing. Just me and the Wacom tablet bonding. The images were shot on my Sony RX100M3. The craziest thing I did was the 2.4 to 1 crop on the first image give it a cinematic feel.


Ground ControlGround ControlGround Control

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Oh the planes. They appear small outside the windows in the airport. They come and they go. So much activity with them. Luggage on luggage off. The long walk down the portable hallway. I always wondered why it was so long? My guess would be fumes from the engine running that could be pulled back into the airport waiting area. Nice photos.

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