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Secret Garden – Part 2

With a break from flowers with some architectural stuff I feel I can attempt some more flowers! So I return to my secret garden or the US National Botanical Gardens. Considering I was stuck behind a Chinese tour group with photo permits for tripods I guess its not that secret. I have encountered Chinese tour groups before in Thailand and they are serious about their gear. I was genuinely impressed by the tripod permits they had. They are not that easy to get and they take planning.

I’m not sure how I feel about this batch. This is where I started to have some flash issues and I was fighting with the flash and camera to get the look I was going for. One of the problem was the LCD was showing me some funky colors but when I loaded them in Lightroom things looked normal. Even still you can tell I used flash. I am far from a flash guru. I’m not afraid of flash I just don’t use it often enough.

Usual round of editing in Lightroom and Photoshop. I will say that in all my years of shooting flowers this is the best detailed batch I have ever gotten. It has held up to the sharpening color correction well. So there is something to using flash. Maybe one day I’ll get ambition and do focus stacking.


Secret GardenSecret GardenSecret GardenSecret GardenSecret GardenSecret Garden

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I love the flower power! Have copies to review later. These flowers are delicate orchids. They are so very beautiful but one has to have patience in growing them. They will bloom once and then it is up to the grower to get them to rebloom. It is not easy. They are very fragile plants but oh so pretty. I enjoyed.

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