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Don’t Drink The Water

Got a theme going today for this image set. Self explanatory I think. I still don’t want to give away where I shot but there are major clues here simply because of the foliage. I despise cold so it wasn’t an outdoor garden in Washington DC so that should be a major clue. Plus it drives my Mom nuts that I won’t tell her.

There were all taken on my Sony RX100M3 except 2. The other 2 were shot on my Olympus EM1 with a 40-150 (80-300 eq). I went with a low key style for these images as I just felt that it fit the mood a little better. One of the things that my weekly Photoshop lessons from Ming Thein has taught me how you can change the key of an image depending on how you apply your tone curve. While I’m not at Ming’s mastery I see what he does weekly. I will also say that my Wacom Tablet juju is getting stronger. I totally get the control you get over the brush in Photoshop by using a pen. It’s a whole different world.

I also tossed in one image that didn’t fit anywhere but I liked it. Got me all Jurassic Park like!


Don't Drink The WaterDon't Drink The WaterDon't Drink The WaterDon't Drink The WaterDon't Drink The WaterDon't Drink The WaterJurassic Park

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I was very busy yesterday and missed seeing these shots. A wishing well with lots of hopeful pennies to make that wish come true. The gardens are really beautiful from what you have shot. “L” and I are taking in a Botanical Garden stroll when she arrives next month for a short break. I know we will enjoy it.

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