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Two Different Styles

I was out shooting yesterday and I already had my camera packed up so I just used my phone. While I was in a major tourist area where cameras are common and not unusual no one thought anything of me with my cell phone. As I mentioned earlier my cell phone is a rather good camera. I have a Nexus 6P which has a 12MP sensor in it and I use Camera FV-5 app that uses the 6P’s ability to shoot RAW. With the app I have basic DSLR controls.

Funny thing is as a photographer getting harassed for having a camera is becoming more common. Having a cell phone which is equally sufficient for producing images is considered non-threatening. These two images are proof.

They are vastly different in styles. The first is a landscape in a classic 16×9 crop. The other is an abstract in monochrome. I didn’t feel that they warranted a separate post for each so I just toss them in together to show what a cell phone can do and to give a teaser on where I shot. Double bonus points if you can figure it out. Saying Washington DC isn’t enough. The abstract is the real give away but I only shot a very small portion of the total work. Oh, and super double bonus points if you get the reference for the title of the abstract.

Simple Reflections

Simple Reflections

The Thing That Should Not Be

The Thing That Should not Be

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Your riverside photo is great. Knowing where you took it is a guess. You mention tourist so I am thinking you are either at the Washington Mall, Georgetown Waterfront or Baltimore Harbor. Don’t think you are in SW Washington or Baltimore. I do want to know where you were and what the object is in the second photo. Please let me know the answers to both question.

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