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Masts At Sunset

I likely should not have edited this photo but I will admit to being a bit emotionally attached to it because in my mind it looked cool. I just liked how the ships masts work with the setting sun. The other little bits in the photo catching the light also drew me to it. They all can’t be winners and sometimes you go with an image just because you like it.

This is not HDR believe it or not. I knew if I did the HDR merge things would go horribly wrong with noise and it wasn’t going to be a battle I could win. So instead I just brought them into Photoshop and did a merge. Once I had an image to work off of I didn’t do a whole lot more to it. Just a simple dodge and burn to bring out some features (Wacom Tablet Practice) and then left it alone. Sometimes the desire is there to do more than the image needed and it just causes problems. So I just hit save and called it a day.


Masts At Sunset

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I like the photo very much. I find beauty in the sky and the sun setting in the evening. The water with the sun reflecting on it creates shadow and movement. It is a perfect relationship to create a photo of beautiful.

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