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Shadow On The Potomac

I almost didn’t edit this photo. After working a 12 hour day and having a blinding headache I just wanted to pass out and go to sleep when I returned to my abode. However, after a dinner with my staff after a successful project and walking home in a brisk snow pelting me in the face I sat in front of the computer and carried on!

I saw the shadow the cloud cast on the shadow and thought it looked really cool. I had no idea I captured that when I shot it and I figured what the hell and processed it. I didn’t put a lot of effort into it and I liked the softer look that came out of it. I did some tweaking and called it a night.


Shadow On The Potomac

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That is a most beautiful photo! The water with the shadows on it, the clouds racing together to cover the beautiful sunset. You and your camera captured the essence of a beautiful evening over the river. I saved a copy to view later.

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