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Hard Rock Cafe – Las Vegas

I have shot this sign before. I’m a sucker for a Gibson Les Paul done in Sunburst. As for the restaurant itself can’t comment as I have never been in it but I have been in the Hard Rock Casino and thats got a lot of cool memorabilia in it if you are a rock music buff.

This was shot on my Olympus EM1 at 24mm. Took 5 images and did the HDR merge and then the usual Photoshop fun ensued. Nothing overly fancy. The biggest thing I did was to make sure the guitar itself popped. Like I said I’m a sucker for a good looking Les Paul.

Final note – It goes to 11!


Hard Rock Cafe Las Vegas

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The guitar photo is good. It must be way up in the air. I have been to the Hard Rock CafĂ© in New York with “L” . I guess it did not impress me much because I do not remember much about it. We had lunch.
What we need to see down south or places that have never seen snow is some Snow Shots on your blog. Perhaps you could do one of your famous shots through your window. We could see what the sky looks like and all that goes with a serious snow storm.

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