Commuter Skies

Commuter Skies

I walk to work now! Weird to be excited by that but considering my commute could be anywhere 30 minutes to an hour or more depending on traffic. Now my commute if I walked earnestly is 10 minutes. It’s usually around 30 because as you can guess by the title of this that I am puttering around taking photos. Occasionally (once a week) I have to deal with a detour to the local bar for $5 beers. So in all I am enjoying my new area¬†and don’t miss my old place at all.

For the first time in a long time I didn’t use layer masks for these images. They are straight from Lightroom flattened out which means I make the image as flat as possible by increasing blacks and shadows and decreasing whites and highlights. Contrast tends to be increased along with exposure. It just depends on the image itself and how it came out of the camera. Once I have a flat file I move it to Photoshop and start the heavy lifting.

If you really want to know more about the process just check out Ming Thein’s Photoshop Workflow I & II. Not cheap but worth it. He is also doing a weekly Photoshop Workflow now for $9 a week. It’s not the cheapest around at $36 a month but you get to see the workflow of a master photographer and how he views images and what he thinks will make an image look good.

All these images were processed using Ming Thein’s workflow. The only think I don’t do is use Bridge and Camera Raw. I do use Camera Raw but only after I have it in Photoshop. Instead I use Lightroom where he uses Camera Raw because I am lazy and let Lightroom catalogue for me.

For inquiring minds all the images except the first one which was my Sony RX100M3 were shot on an Olympus EM1 using either a 12-40 (24-80) or a 40-150 (80-300) lens.


Commuter SkiesCommuter SkiesCommuter SkiesCommuter SkiesCommuter SkiesCommuter SkiesCommuter SkiesCommuter Skies

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  1. I like sky photos. These reflect the winter weather that is strange this year. Don’t know the time period of days the photos were taken but it is amassing how the mood of the sky can change. It is a vast canvas that is painted for our enjoyment.

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