Metro Tales

Metro Tales

I ventured into Washington DC last week and I figured I take some shots while I was at it. The problem was I only had my iPhone 5S (no longer!) but I assumed it would be a good photographic tool. I have used it before for stuff but never really darker images or for motion. The results weren’t what I call satisfactory but I liked the images visually speaking.

Some might call me a photographic snob but I only shoot in RAW. You get so much more data from the image file versus a compressed jpeg file. I am aware there are apps that can get a iPhone to shoot in TIFF or even DNG but I don’t have any and I wanted a quick shooting experience. So I used the native camera app.

It took a lot of massaging to get these images to where I was at least going ok I can live with this. Noise was the biggest factor even on images that had a relatively low ISO. There was no way I could leave them in color because it was a visual disaster. I did the conversion in Lightroom and then moved to Photoshop for additional cleaning. One of the interesting things I discovered that when I made the save to jpeg from Photoshop what was on my screen didn’t match the completed file. So there was lots of comparing to get it visually in jpeg where I found it acceptable.

Since this adventure I have upgraded my phone to a Nexus 6P which does allow me to shoot in DNG (natively). I will test that out in the future when I have some time just to see if there is a real difference or if the image sensors in phones aren’t worth using unless there optimal conditions for using it.




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