Sleepy In The Shade

Sleepy In The Shade

I admit to just using this image as filler for the day as I have been busy putting together furniture that finally arrived at my new apartment. Nothing says welcome to your new home like having to assemble flatpack furniture.

This was shot at one of the temples in Thailand and I have said before that stray animals are common in temples. Roosters, chickens, dogs, and cats live mostly in harmony there. I have seen the cats attempt to go after a chicken but usually it ends with the cat taking off once a rooster starts to strut over to protect his personal harem.

This cat was crashed out in the cool shade on a very hot day. I know I was sweating to death as I was shooting at the temple and this cat found a nice cool spot out of the way of all the other animals and the people. He or she was fast asleep and never once moved as I took the shot.


Sleepy In the Shade

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