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Guarded Path To Buddha

This is the path leading up to the Big Buddha. I would say stairs but if you ever walked it they aren’t spaced right for stairs or steps. It was like some some monk wanted you to practice mindfulness while walking so you didn’t kill yourself. Buddha had a sense of humor after all.

This is not a HDR image. I know everyone really likes the landscape HDR’s I do and I enjoy editing them but sometimes an image doesn’t lend itself to it. There was so much vibrancy in the image already with the golds that I just didn’t want to blow it all out and then spend time toning it back down. I went for structure and texture versus flash and flare. Technically speaking its one of the cleaner images I have done lately.

Speaking of editing I am participating in Ming Thein’s Weekly Photoshop Workflow. It’s $9 a week but if you want to learn how to master Photoshop its worth it. I would pick up his Photoshop Workflow I and II before so you understand some of how he works. I don’t use Adobe Bridge and ACR like he does but the principles of ACR are the same as Lightroom so you can use either based on your comfort level. What I do find funny is he hates HDR where as I enjoy it. I would love to get Trey Ratcliff and Ming Thein in a room together. It would not be a battle royal because I think there would be a mutual respect factor but to listen to the technical side of photography speaking along with the more spiritual side of photography. Would be interesting.




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I like the photo. The serpents that guard Big Buddha are menacing looking. I do like the steps. They are not steep. You have a long walk but an easy looking one to see the Big Buddha.

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