Distant Islands

Distant Islands

This was shot off the beach as the sun was setting and I really wanted to capture the sky and all its colors. The island in the back is Koh Larn but my sense of direction isn’t always the best so take it for what its worth. There are there islands off Pattaya Bay and the most famous is Koh Larn. It’s the only one I ever went to.

I have really been spending time on skies lately and smoothing them out and getting the noise out of them. This is a long and rather laborious process with lots of brushes and layers to get it to something normal then using the Gaussian Blur trick I wrote about yesterday to get the rest out. Trying to line up the brushes and the lasso tool often causes problems in key areas and then going back and fixing them lead to more. After a bit you just shrug and go close enough.



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