Chaimongkol Pagoda Shrine

Chaimongkol Pagoda Shrine

I could make it sound like I really know what I am talking about when I named this image but the reality is I blew one of the source images to 100% and read the blue sign. So I cheated.

I actually wasn’t planning on doing a Thailand image today. In fact, I had full intentions of showing stuff I shot in the fall. I had shot some cool leaf stuff and was looking forward to taking a break from the Thailand stuff. It turns out I don’t have any of those images. I usually don’t dump my memory cards after I shoot personal stuff. This is done on purpose because I don’t really want to look at the images because I still have some emotional attachment to them. It will skew your curation process. I could just dump the images and not bother looking at them but I’m lazy to a fault at times.

So with me having to get my condo ready for sale and me leaving for 7 weeks I never really thought about it so I formatted cards as needed. You can guess what happened. I formatted the card holding the fall leaves. Worse part is I can’t even attempt a recovery because I have no idea what card it was and I have a LOT of memory cards. I pick them up when they are on sale in bulk so it would be finding a needle in a haystack.

Live and learn. I dumped the stuff I shot this week right after I figured out I lost all my fall foliage stuff.

Moving on.

For inquiring minds this was not a HDR image. It was shot on my Sony RX100M3 and I composted 4 images together using Aurora HDR then masked in layers in Aurora to get a base image to work off of. I spent a lot of time on the sky to get all the noise out of it. Nothing says fun like looking at an image at 100% while taking a masking brush to small chunks of the image as you smooth out the sky. I also bumped the clarity a bit to bring out the details of the shrine. Then I brought it into Photoshop for some tweaks and the clean up the sky a bit more.

A very easy trick to remove noise out of the sky if you only have it in small areas is take the lasso tool then go to Filters/Blur/Gaussian Blur then select a radius that works. You really should not have to go above 5. This will only affect the areas within the lasso and you are good to go.

Remember to dump your memory cards and enjoy!



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