Carts of Thailand – Part 2

Carts of Thailand – Part 2

I’ll conclude the Carts of Thailand today with a few more than anticipated. I did all the editing of this series in one fell swoop along with a few images I owed someone else. I realized around 11 PM last night that I missed one of my personal favorites which was the old man pulling stuffed animal cart. So went back in and found 3 images including the favorite that I missed. So there are 12 images in total.

People always ask me about life in Thailand like I am an expert at this point. I understand certain things but I remain ignorant to a lot of the more subtle stuff that goes on around me. The cart vendors are part and parcel to Thai life. They sell pretty much anything you could need or want. The predominate commodity is food of some variety as Thais love to eat. Look at a small Thai person and hang around with them for a day and be amazed at the amount of food they can consume. They tend to eat smaller portions which is why they eat frequently.

I can also tell you the cart vendor life isn’t an easy one. Even if the cart is hooked up to a motorbike its a lot of waiting around for nothing and the hours are long. Most vendors do their work at night. This is when Thais are wanting dinner and when most of the night attractions are getting going. Their day can end sometime around 2 or 3 in the morning. If they pushing a cart is a lot of walking in the hot Thai weather trying to unload their goods for the day. I personally would not want to do so I give these people a lot of respect because a high wage and huge profits aren’t something you are going to earn being a cart vendor.

As for the images I threw in one monochrome image. I liked the image but the light played havoc with the sensor. I didn’t want to toss the image so I did a conversion and then played with the tone curve until I go the image to where it was. It worked well giving the image drama. I know a lot of street photographers work in black and white but Thailand is a riot of colors I feel like something is lost when you make all the images black and white. Plus, its rather cliche’ and boring. Just because all the other street photographers work in black and white doesn’t meanĀ I need to do it.

So enjoy this little taste of Thai life.













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  1. The food carts are really diverse. I know we have some street vendors that sell hot dogs or what not but these people seem to sell lots of different types of food and I guess it is the easiest to grab a bit if one is hungry.

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