Carts of Thailand – Part 1

Carts of Thailand – Part 1

I know. I said no more Thailand but maybe I meant landscapes and HDR or something. Who knows? Still, this series represents a shift away from the landscape/travel stuff I was doing. Instead I shifted to one of the series I shot while I was there.

When I wasn’t out working off a tripod and the big Sony A7R I always had my Sony RX100M3 with me (even when I was still had it with me). This allowed me to shoot relatively unobtrusively so I could capture in the moment type images. It also allowed me to either avoid the glare from a vendor staring at me or the infamous Thai pose of the peace sign with a huge grin.

These images were shot over a 6 week period and at all different times. I am splitting the series into two parts because there are just too many images for one post without scrolling through most of them.

When I do long edits I like to thank the music, of course Motorhead because of Lemmy and Michael Shenker Group for what turned into a 2+ hour editing festival.











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