Just Another Night In Thailand

Just Another Night In Thailand

One of the biggest questions I get about Thailand is what is it like. Behold a normal night in Thailand. The massage shop trying to attract customers. You can see someone getting a neck massage in the background. The various food carts that cater mostly to Thai’s but the brave tourists or expat will eat off them as well. The cart in the middle is som tam or green papaya salad. You can see its a push cart, the one attached to the motorbike is likely a fried pancake (crepes) cart. Yes, there is a full blown working stove on that cart. Nothing says safety like propane next to a 12 volt car battery!

As for how I feel about this image, its not perfect by any means. While shot at a relatively low ISO once I started to post process it things got a bit grainy but it added to it versus detracting. Lots of filters and so on to get it where I liked it.

This is the final image until the 28th of December for me. I am moving from my condo which sold to a new place and I really don’t want to rush editing while I try and get my new apartment situated. So I am taking a break and getting setup in my new place and will return on the 28th.



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