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Buddha And Monk

I found this little alter in a small temple off the Naval Overlook in Pratumnak. While every tourist was busy with the overlook they ignored this cool little temple complex so I had the place to myself. Well, by to myself I meant those Thais that were hanging around the temple but there were no other tourists around me which was really nice. They missed the coolest attraction.

If you ask me who the monk is in this I don’t know but he’s popular in Thailand. My guess is he was one of the more popular Supreme Patriarch’s in Thailand. While I don’t know all the in’s and out’s of Thai Buddhism the Supreme Patriarch is like the Pope for Thai Buddhists. Least thats my guess. If someone else knows otherwise let me know.

I’ll skip how I got the image to where it is. Yes, it’s HDR but subtle. I just wanted the alter area to pop and it did so nicely. I have gotten better about how I handle HDR so I can make it seem less HDR if that makes sense.




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The photo is very nice. The architecture is very detailed. The bright bold colors the Thai’s use to depict their temples and Buddha and other beings are so pronounce in the art work. I saved a copy for my photo display.

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