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Distant Shores

This was taken off of Wongnamat Beach in Naklua as the sun was starting to set over the Gulf of Thailand with the city in the distance. You can see Pattaya, Pranumnak, and Jomtein in the distance. I also liked how the water and the rocks played off each other.

This was shot with my Olympus EM1 versus the Sony A7R which I use for most of my landscape stuff. Mainly because I am lazy and hate switching lenses and I can use the 24-200 I have for the A7R. Still, I can notice the lack of details between the two cameras if I pixel peep enough. The one thing I haven’t done with the Olympus is use a 2 stop bracket like I do with my Sony. The HDR was done with 7 images shifting 1/3 of a stop each direction. I might try it with 3 images with a 2 stop shift.

Lots of filters after the HDR conversion. Running it through Macphun’s Intensify CK and Nik’s Color Efx. Then masking everything back in at various levels.


Distant Shores

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I really like the evening photos. L and I think a bit alike. I think the big rocks look like turtles. Large turtles. In a WV stream, someone had painted the large rocks to bring out the turtle in them. These rocks remind me of them. I kept a photo for my display.

The rock on the right looks like a giant turtle, the normal kind, not the mutant ninja kind. Though… he could be a ninja just cleverly disguised as a rock turtle. Well played ninja, well played.

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