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The Guardian

This was taken at Mini Siam which I still stand by the statement should be called Crap Siam. I removed the more egregious damage to the wall behind the statue but trust me, its crap.

The statue itself is called a dvarapala or gate guardian. This was taken at the entrance to it makes sense that it would be there.

I really wanted the statue to pop versus the rest of the image so I made sure to mask in a clarity layer over the statue. It is the focal point of the image. I also wanted to make the tones a bit richer so I used another layer to add some saturation and vibrancy.

When doing HDR work, there is very little “HDR” and a lot more masks and layers. While I don’t go into the level of details the true masters of HDR do, one image can take you an hour or more depending on how you want it to look. It’s interesting that even my normal photography has started to take on more masks and layers as just learn to manipulate Photoshop to get the vision in my head onto the screen.



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He is quite the guard! The architecture and colors are certainly great. I saved a photo for my display. I enjoyed.

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