Gods From The Heavens

Gods From The Heavens

Today’s image was shot at the Sanctuary of Truth which is located in Naklua. I have fond memories of this place as it was the first ever location I shot RAW in many years ago. Up until that point I had been shooting jpeg and more or less in P Mode or Auto. Little did I know it was a sign of things to come.

The building is all wood and all hand carved. There are no nails or glue used to join everything. They use wooden dowels to hold it all together. You can see them carving the new pieces in another building located next to the main building.

Many people confuse the Sanctuary of Truth with a temple. It’s not. There are no monks. It’s a cultural area and for tourists. There are Buddhist relics located inside and you can pray to them if you like.

The building itself is a mashup of faiths mostly Hindu gods and Thai mythology. Which is why you see so many different faces and images represented even in this image.

It’s worth a jaunt out there if you are in the area. Save  yourself the headache of paying for a tour like I did my first trip. Just hire a Baht Bus private and pay 200 Baht and tell them to take you there. If you want to bump it to around 400 the guy will likely wait for you and take you back. Its 500 Baht to get in. The tour package is like 1500 Baht and you are on their time schedule. Later in the day is better because said tours have already packed up and moved on. If you are like me and have a scooter to ride around on, then just jump on the bike and head down Beach Rd Naklua and turn left at Soi 12 and ride the road until you get there.



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  1. The Sanctuary of Truth is a work of art. Thailand has some gifted creatures. I would love to see the carvings in person and touch them.

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