Bruised Beach Sky

Bruised Beach Sky

Further proof I am in Thailand (and didn’t’ forget to upload the image)!

This was shot off Wongamat Beach in Thailand as the usual afternoon storms were starting to roll in over the Gulf of Thailand.

The story behind this one was that I had another person with me as he wanted to take some shots too. Normally I work alone and when in Thailand I just ride my scooter to where I want to go but we hired a private baht bus for the princely sum of 200 Baht to take us there. On a bike I can quickly get to where I want to go and bypass such things as security but when you hire a baht bus you are kinda conspicuous.

The recommendation from a restaurant owner to get to the beach was go to one of the private condos that line the beach and get access that way. So when we pulled up to the recommended condo there was that pesky security guard. We tried bluffing our way past him and usually, the language barrier works in your favor when you just exasperate¬†the security guard by pretending you only speak Amish to the point they let you through. This time, I met a highly motivated Thai who seemed to take his job seriously. So I never got to see the “Jim” I made up on the spot since the guard demanded a room number.

No biggie, I saw the hidden access road on the way which was only about 500 meters back up the road.

For inquiring minds, shot on my Olympus EM1.


Bruised Beach Skies

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  1. I like the photo! It is Thailand not Las Vegas. Skies were really ready to release the rain. I like the water and the skies they just draw you in. Looks like gentle water. No one swimming, I guess because it was going to rain. This is a nice beginning, we will look forward to more coming.

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