Worship At The Feet Of Buddha

Worship At The Feet Of Buddha

The image it now up!

It seems my mother may be doubting my gentleman of leisure lifestyle I have adopted here in Thailand and is strongly suggesting images from the Kingdom so I felt obligated to oblige her.

To be perfectly honest, while this is a functioning temple here in Thailand its also a bit of a tourist trap. Still, I always like to come and shoot it at least once. Over the years as my photography skills have increased so have my images. What was once shot on a crappy point and shot just had 36.4 megapixels of thrown at it and shot on a tripod.

If you look close you will see the dog lounging in the brutal heat. It’s a common sight at temples as they have lots of stray cats, dogs, roosters, chickens and various people of dubious nature hanging around them.

Nothing says serenity like the lady selling sparrows in cages that you can release for merit (after you hand over 200 Baht) and which promptly fly back to her. The professional beggars. The guys taking your picture in an attempt to sell you a commemorative plate with your image on it marking your visit. The tourist bus disgorging a load of Russian or Chinese tourists.

Now, this is the tourist trap temple not the usual one you find out in the villages which are quiet and peaceful. They are on my list of shots but for now, we go with Big Buddha.



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