Tower Of The Doge

Another one from the Venetian in Las Vegas. This is supposed to mimic an Italian courtyard with the tower rising above it.

Wasn’t sure about this image. Lots of layer masks going on with this one to bring out the areas I wanted and others I didn’t. I think in total I used something like 6 layers to get the final effect and I’m still not 100% happy with it. Still, its something I can live with and the tower and details look cool.



One thought on “Tower Of The Doge”

  1. The Venetian in Las Vegas is very large and lavish. I guess a little taste of Italy for most in enjoyable. Ratings on Google give it a thumbs up for being so grand. Lots of shopping, restaurants on a canal and of course, the casinos and shows. The photos of the Venetian in Las Vegas have been nice. I enjoyed.

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