Faux Venice

The Venetian in Las Vegas is one of the nicer casino’s and hotels on the strip. The entire place is designed to be like being in Venice. If you had never been to Venice I guess you could believe it. While I haven’t personally been there I have been to Europe enough to know the difference between a chlorinated canal versus the real thing with centuries old buildings. Still, it makes for some nice images.

The little story I will share is that I had to use the mens rooms badly by the time I reached the Venetian. This had nothing to do with the 24 ounce beer I enjoyed while walking. Seeing as I had no choice I had to take my camera and tripod into the mens room. There were offers of will you take my picture or are you really taking pictures in here with a lens with a very clear lens cap on it. Only in Vegas.



One thought on “Faux Venice”

  1. The photo is nice. Really over the top with the Gold buildings and in the canal. Chlorinated water in the canal in Vegas probably is better. I am sure it may get other activity and needs that chlorine. All you say in your writing sounds like only in Vegas.

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