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Paris Via Vegas

If someone was to ask me one of the least likely places I would go Las Vegas ranks high up there. It’s not my favorite place on earth. I just get sent there for work once a year. Yes, I have an okay time but I could happily live without ever going there again.

One of the amazing things I discovered as I walked down the Las Vegas Strip is that if you have a camera on a tripod no one bothers you! As in, the touts, the beggars, the hustlers and the abysmally drunk. It was one of the most glorious things that I had happen to me. I wanted to carry it all the time!

The two times I was stopped was once by a couple of guys who were extremely well muscled who earned money by posing for pictures. They wanted a camera recommendation and the next was a limo driver who wanted to fawn over the camera. Other than that, I was left alone. I did get stopped by security once and asked to stop shooting. There was a private event and he said I wasn’t licensed for it so I needed to stop. That I understood and happily went on my way.

So enjoy this first glimpse of Las Vegas.



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