The Downward Spiral

The Downward Spiral

Points as usual if you get the title reference. I’ll give you a hint NIN.

This was shot in Caesars Palace in Las Vegas. Well, the shots in Caesars Palace Mall. Is nothing but high-end, luxury retail stores. I am not what you call their target demographic. While I can buy their goods; this site is run by a man who thinks the latest fashion is a concert t-shirt and shorts. I look like a slob most of the time. I rather be comfortable than fashionable.

Still, I like the image.

Right now I am not sure how I will work moving forward. The secret of me being in Thailand for the next 6 weeks will be out that that point on social media so I may finish the other shots I took in Las Vegas or move to Thailand. I guess it depends on how I feel.


Downward Spiral


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