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Texting Home

This is someone who works for me. He was texting his wife back home after we finished dinner for the evening. I wanted images shot out the window and had my mini tripod with me. I am not blaming the Kirin Light Beers consumed with our sushi dinner at Roku Sushi but I forgot to set the ISO on the camera at 80 and a shutter delay.

Normally I am not thrilled with people in my images. In this case it worked really well. The image of a lonely man with a magnificent view just made it. Gives the impression we rather live in a world full of electrons then one of visceral experiences.


Texting Home

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I like the photo and I recognize the man. It was really nice to meet everyone earlier in the year. The lights in Vegas I think are so bright at night. I guess it as good as any to say hello to family back home while on a business trip.

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